Monday, June 6, 2011

Moon Mason

Assalam reader~

hey! do u think became an actor since child is quite famous??

well i think yes! let me show ya..

Meet Moon Mason..
Isn't he so adorable?

He was the child actor in the film, "Baby and I" with Jang Geun-seuk.

speak about ''Baby and I'' (For those already watch it), who i try to highlight is Moon Mason. 

he become quiet famous becoz of his OVERLOAD CUTENESS!! hahahA

he also receive the "Best looking child actors"..isn't cool huh??

Ok lets get to know him more~

Name: Moon Mason

Birth date: 21 March 2007

Blood Type : O

Family : His father is Canadian and his mother is Korean so he's mixed!

Occupation : Kid model and actor

Carreer : 

- He played in the movie 'Baby and I' with Jang Geun Suk. 

- He's the MC of the korean TV program 'Good Daddy' which features Korean well-known entertainers such as Lee Hong Ki, Kim Hee Chul and Kim Gun mo.


Wear the Korean traditional custom..

What an adorable smile~

So cute ♥

This baby is natural at taking pictures I guess..


Come to mama baby..hihi

Moon Mason attended this event, and ended up crying!

 Like a baby angel..
Little Angel smiling~

Those who have seen these pictures might say, "How can there be a creature like this?", 

"This is when you use the term 'superior genes", "Their parents must be so happy", 

"They are so cute", "I wish they were my brothers" and

 *pic credit to Google

Till then~~

Adios fellas~


Thanx for reading!

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