Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Bestie birthday...

8 Oktober 2010..
my bestie bufday..
i miss her damn i only text her and give her burfday wish...
she might think i'm forgot bout her bufday..but i'm not..hehe
end of this year her only sista will get married.she invite me to the ceremony but i dont think i can attend the ceremony because that time we still having our industrial training..but i will try to attend it..Godwilling:D
She also will have their big exam on this end of year..STPM..owhhh..wish U all da best dear..i know u can do it..My dearest friend NorAfidah u dont know how much i miss u damn Much=.=
i Love u mY friend...Kawan Smpai Mati blg tu kan...hahahaha..
My Bestie..Dang..                                                

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